In 2017 whenever K.H  first came up with the idea to create “Kyree Holivay Cosmetics” she was attending college full time desperately seeking to further her education in information technology. While taking on the task of being a full-time mother, working full time, and putting in the work creating her very 1st book, a true story based on her life titled  “Burning of the Ashes”. 

This all had left her with absolutely no time for herself. Therefore, she decided to take a well-needed break as she collected herself while continuing to be the best mother and role model possible for her 2 children.

She was inspired to then create Addicted2Cosmetics after years of creating looks of her own while experimenting with makeup since she was a young girl at the age of 10. Ultimately becoming “Addicted2Cosmetics; she found that this was her favorite pastime. 


Now that she’s back she has something to say in this growing beauty industry in which will forever thrive. she worked very hard to bring you the Crème de la crème of cosmetics, she understands that everyone works just as hard for the dinero as to why she brings you nothing but the best. As a self-proclaimed professional makeup user, she also understands the ins outs of makeup. What's great quality and what isn't. She’s been crafting and experimenting with some of the top leading manufacturers. This cosmetics line was created for every living being.

This is for those who never get to dig down deep into their sexy. For the ones who like to let their hair down from time to time and make their way through the depths of the sky. The grown, the sexy, the bold the free this is for all of you.

Our Mission


To allow you to be able to dig deep and make you feel beautiful no matter who you are; beauty truly has no limits.


Our Vision


To be desired and admired across the world we understand that beauty equals diversity and diversity equals everyone, and everyone deserves to feel beautiful and to feel beautiful is to be & feel free.


Our Value


 Is to very so stay committed to you and bring back good old-fashioned customer service on which we pride ourselves in. We are dedicated to bringing you great quality items at competitive prices.

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